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Mums United Movement was founded in April 2019 by Nicole Messham and Charlie Aston also run the Mums United Movement Community. 

After meeting on MUSH app, Nicole and Charlie wanted to create a mum’s community and support group. A safe place both online and offline for mum’s to connect, collaborate and communicate.

Nicole Messham had relocated from Preston to Wigan prior to having her little girl, Mya who’s now nearly 5 months old, and didn’t really know a lot of people in the area. She had a vision of creating a Mums support and meet-up network in the area, in order to connect mum’s, allow them to make new mum-friends and collaborate with local businesses. 

Charlie had seen Nicole’s original post on MUSH on 9th April and “slipped into her DMS,” which we still laugh about today. 
Charlie’s background is, she relocated from Essex to Preston, a year and a half ago, and has a little boy called Teddy who is 4 months old. Charlie too didn’t really know anyone in the area but since having Teddy has made so many lovely new friends! 

From the initial conversation, we grew Mums United Movement with regular meet-ups in the Lancashire Area, with a network close to 100  mum’s. Our Mum’s have made some lovely friends and we are currently ranked Number 1 on Hoop for activities in our local area! We advertise all of our meet-ups on MUSH so that we can continue to meet new mum’s and introduce them to other mum’s, so that they can support each other, share advice, laugh about poo-explosions and ultimately make life long friends for themselves and their little-ones. This in turn can help beat the isolation of motherhood and the loneliness that comes with it! 

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